What is the Mystery E-Bike Challenge?

Find clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges to reveal each location as you go.

A fantastic adventure throughout North Northumberland. Take in breath-taking views of the Cheviot Hills, spectacular scenery throughout, finding yourself at some of North Northumberland's hidden gems.

The challenge starts at Wooler Common (NE71 6RL).

The Challenge           

This is a full day of adventuring (shorter half day route available). We allow you a maximum 10 hours to complete the challenge, some of you will be considerably quicker. Check the leaderboard to view finishing times. Completed the challenge? Check where you rank.

We provide you with all the equipment you need to complete the challenge, however, we recommend you bring lunch to keep you fuelled. 

If you're stumped on a particular clue you can text us for support, but be careful, each clue will add 20mins to your finishing time.

Battery management is essential.
Run out of juice and you're going to struggle. The route is approx. 75km (shorter route 50km) & can be conquered on one battery charge, provided you ride smart, think Tortoise vs Hare. For every 1% battery life you finish with, we'll knock one minute off your finishing time. 

The route is predominantly on quiet roads, however, there are off road sections & 2 very short rides on the A697.

We recommend maximum groups of 5. If you have more than 5 people we recommend splitting into teams and staggering your start times. The earliest permitted start is 6am and the latest is 3pm.

Prior to starting your adventure a short presentation will give you some helpful hints.

The Challenge is only £10 more than the cost of a daily hire. To book online, book the e-bikes for a day (half day - 4hrs, for shorter route) and add the 'Mystery E-Bike Challenge' as an extra. Please add the challenge to each of the e-bike hires.


We can arrange a chaperone to accompany you on your adventure. The chaperone is there for safety and will prevent you from straying too far off the route. The chaperone will not help find the clues or solve the puzzles. You can also use the chaperone service to accompany your children (aged 14+), should you not be able to do so.


The chaperone will ride at the back of the pack. 

Why does the challenge cost extra?

Parts of the challenge require setting up, checking and maintaining prior to each group going out. This is time consuming and requires travelling the route. We also provide the use of a number of accessories and additional support throughout the challenge. There is also a small prize should you complete the challenge.